Hey everyone I am back! (Happy Holidays!)

2014-01-03 22:11:14 by PICOSANGELALEX

Yes I have been gone for a long while. I recently moved, and the holidays are quite a busy time. But I am back, with more art content. I am now a Voice Actor for hire. Literally I'll hop on any project because its an awesome oppurtunity and its fun! I am also a freelance artist and editor for hire. Hooray! Thank you to NG peeps who have given me permission to play and review your games here on NG for my gaming channel on YouTube. After Gretel and Hansel 2 series is done I will be playing the games I have recieved permission for. Soooo stay tuned for that! Feel free to hit me up for a chat as well ^^


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2014-01-03 22:14:17

I would imagine you'd like some work, because i'm always open for more crew members, even if it's only for a while.


Oh id love to! What exactly does your crew do?


2014-01-03 22:33:59

Hope you're happy in your new home... moving to a new place can suck :p


very true but thankfully the home is nice. however the store here has practically nothing and the supermarket is very far