Entry #39

Im back! UPDATE!

2015-12-29 15:47:41 by PICOSANGELALEX

Its been a while but boy ive been busy. i just recently moved. And the channel will be back up in 2016.

Thank you for your patience guys seriously! ill b sending more messages to all you gamemakers out there to review ur stuff on my channel! so keep an eye out!


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2015-12-29 16:56:34

I kinda had to move too, sure is expensive being in limbo when you've got no place to crash :( Best of luck in the new year!


oh dear whered u move to?


2015-12-29 18:43:51

I tried a few places north of Newgrounds, then waited for a lease to be signed, that would let me stay at my old home, under a new owner... took over a month and a half for the lease to be signed, and I was squatting, staying in hotels... sucked.


oh my gosh im so sorry that is really awful! are u ok now?


2015-12-29 18:55:36

I guess so, had to buy a new (cheap and smaller) refrigerator, since the old one finally died, I guess the 2 months it was off finally killed it. Still have to fetch boxes and unpack my cookery and dry goods, guh. At least the cats are happy their servant's home, and still keeping them.


hahah yeah cats r like this lol but glad ur ok